Sophia Locke’s dedication to the models within the web camming community came about due to a lack of lasting model partnerships. With the growth of her businesses and others, the industry has begun to witness a power shift in which cam models (the adult superstars of tomorrow) have a foothold in an environment that would previously easily dismiss the pool of talent. Sophia will be discussing the current state of webcamming from a model’s perspective, and how the industry should continue to embrace the model community to benefit from these partnerships.

Sophia Locke

Sophia Locke, Co-Owner, CGM Enterprises, Inc. / Co-Founder, Cam Girl Mansion.

Adult Webcam Conference is pleased to welcome Sophia Locke  as a speaker for the opening panel on DAY 1 of the Adult Webcam Conference.

Complete list of speakers at the Adult Webcam Conference is located here.

Complete Adult Webcam Conference Agenda here.

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