Time is passing ever so quickly and in the midst of the preparations for our first show, we wanted to take the time to give you a few pointers for first time attendees to adult conventions and awards shows.

Advice for adult webcam modelsThese tips are merely suggestions and general information intended to help guide you with your travel and attendance! Depending on your goals at the Adult Webcam Conference and Awards show all or some of these tips may not apply.

  • Number 1: Bring comfortable shoes with you to the convention.  We know the ladies will want to wear some sexy heels and show off their beautiful feet, however, often times there is a significant amount of walking necessary.  Although sexy shoes can be quite awesome to look at, they aren’t practical for a convention outside of exhibiting.
  • Number 2:  Charge your phone, camera and other electronics fully and bring your charger with you.  Long hours of being on the convention floor and taking a lot of photos, video and posting on social media can lead to dead phones.  Charge your items prior to leaving for the convention and bring your charger just in case you need to charge while you are gone.
  • Number 3:  Make sure you have PLENTY of business cards to pass out!  This is your opportunity to market yourself and your business so make sure you bring the necessary tools and information to keep in contact with those you meet.
  • Number 4: Take a photo of the business card with the person you speak with, take notes or record on voice recorder and organize your data with notes that indicate what you discussed with each person.  The photo serves as a reminder as well as back up in case you lose the card.  The voice recorder can also serve the same purpose.
  • Number 5: Bring pen and paper or a way to take notes.  Often times you forget about conversations and details you discussed.  Recording these meetings will help you remember everything you discussed and remain organized.

IMPORTANT FOR MODELS EXHIBITING FOR FAN DAY: If you are exhibiting make sure you have confirmed your cam model exhibitor space for FAN DAY by submitted a screen shot of your hotel booking receipt to Support@AdultWebcamAwards.com. Room rates are just $69.00 at the venue but space is limited for that room rate so book early. This also helps us configure the layout leading up to the events and maximize the space.  Lastly we suggest you take 5 minutes to review the Frequently Asked Questions page as well.

These have been notes from the team!

*Special thanks goes out to Kari Anthony aka Platinum Puzzy of BBWCamHouse; featured speaker on, ‘Organizing Yourself as a Professional Live Webcam Entertainer’. Full list of speakers here.